We hereby invite you to peruse the consulting services offered by the “Zollkanzlei” law firm. Domiciled in the city of Hamburg, Zollkanzlei provides legal services in the field of customs law, foreign trade and payments law, import VAT law and excise duties laws.

Globalisation and customs

Globalisation is advancing at an extremely rapid pace and has now extended far beyond the concept of an “extended workbench”. Indeed, globalisation on today’s scale is characterised by new flows of goods — and it is this state of affairs that has led to customs and foreign trade law acquiring new significance. Whereas in the last ten years, supply chain security issues were of the utmost priority in a globalised “customs world” (AEO and terrorist screening lists), the focus today is increasingly turning to the economic aspects of trading (FTAs). In addition to this change in focus, the customs clearance processes themselves have also undergone considerable transformation and are today increasingly reliant on electronic processing. At the same time, more and more companies are opting to use ERP systems to implement customs processes, and this circumstance can lead to considerable difficulties.

Excise duties

Excise duty law (i.e. indirect taxes on electricity and energy as well as on semi-luxury and luxury foodstuffs and drinks, such as coffee and tobacco) is a further area to have undergone profound change. As a result of modernisation measures and amendments to the pertinent regulations, the field is now governed by standardised legislation and is subject to electronic monitoring.

What sets Zollkanzlei apart?

In this constantly changing environment, the newly established Zollkanzlei, located in the centre of Hamburg, provides you with steadfast expertise and highly professional consulting services. Its founder, Thomas Peterka, is both an attorney at law and holder of a Master's degree in customs and finance (Diplom-Finanzwirt/Zoll). He not only has several years of customs administration experience, but has also worked as a customs advisor to small and medium-sized enterprises and to corporations (including 5 years at a leading global audit and tax consulting firm). You would therefore do well to put your trust in Zollkanzlei’s commitment and expertise.

Zollkanzlei is your ideal partner when it comes to solving tax or customs-related problems or optimising your customs processes. We provide personal, long-term customs advice and support, and place high value on close, trusting relationships with our clients. And we know that only forward-looking advice can mitigate risks and open up new opportunities.


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