Service Portfolio

Attorney Thomas Peterka of Zollkanzlei provides you with the answers to questions related to customs law, excise duties law, import VAT law and foreign trade and payments law (export control). Zollkanzlei offers comprehensive solutions from one source, spanning consulting services, daily management and technical integration in your ERP-System. Take advantage of the consulting services offered by Zollkanzlei:


  • Administrative appeals and lawsuits

  • Refund and remittance applications

  • Supervision and expert monitoring of customs audits

Practical support on customs clearance and interim management

  • Solutions for the reduction of import duties

  • Solutions for customs handling incl. In-/Outsourcing

  • Bridging of vacancies

Organisational consulting

  • Internal processes, structures and responsibilities

  • Compliance: Internal Control System with regard to Customs / Excise duties/ Export control

  • Market access into the EU

Seminars and workshops

  • Training of staff

  • Inhouse workshops

  • Speakers on seminars from professional seminar organisers