Scope of services

  • Do you know what your share of the total sum collected by the German Customs Authorities in 2012 was? Your share of the EUR 4.5 billion in customs duties, the EUR 39.3 billion in energy tax or the EUR 7.0 billion in electricity tax? And do you know how to save money here?
  • Do you know what a “free zone of control type I” is, and do you know if this is rlevant for the port of Hamburg?

Attorney Thomas Peterka of Zollkanzlei can provide you with the answers to these and any other questions related to customs law, excise duties law, import VAT law and foreign trade and payments law (export control). He offers comprehensive solutions from one source, spanning consulting services, daily management and technical integration in your ERP-System. Take advantage of the consulting services offered by the Zollkanzlei:

  • Tax-reducing solutions
    • Examination of possible tax exemptions or tax reductions, especially in the areas of electricity and energy
    • Clarification of classification issues to reduce import duties or confirmation of the reduced VAT rate (non-binding tariff information or BTI)
    • Use of discounts provided for by preferential origin of goods law
  • Advice on issues of internal organisation and support for risk mitigation measures
    • Procurement and maintenance of necessary permits and licences
    • Proposals for optimising control mechanisms and documentation and reporting requirements, as well as support in creating operating and organisational instructions
    • Review of existing customs clearance processes and/or assistance in outsourcing such tasks to customs brokers / freight forwarders
  • Support in designing IT processes with standard ERP systems
  • Monitoring of audits performed by the customs authorities
  • Legal remedies and complaint procedures
  • Staff training
  • Expert advice in the above-mentioned areas of law, including technical implementation in customs administrations’ systems